New Chinesebon its curriculum system,to meet the needs of all chinese learners,now apply for the free online one-on-one lessons we will gave you a chinese proficiency test grade,hurry to fill in.
Elementary 1
Elementary 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Advance level
Be able to understand and use very simple Chinese words and sentences.
Be able to make simple and direct communication on everyday common topics.
Be able to use Chinese to complete communication tasks related to daily lives,academics,career and tours.
Be able to discuss in Chinese on a wide range of topics and can communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers.
Be able to read Chinese newspapers and magazines,enjoy Chinese films and plays and can give a complete speech in Chinese.
Can comprehend written and spoken Chinese information at ease and can effectively express themselves in both oral and written Chinese.
90 periods
90 periods
90 periods
120 periods
120 periods
100 periods
Only four steps you will get an exclusive Chinese learning solution.
1. Fill in the informations request a free trial lesson.
2. Chinesebon course consultant will contact you via email or phone.
3. After the communication, we will inform you of the link and the class schedule.
4. Attend classes on time.