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Through this video package learners will know basic communicative Chinese, such as simple greetings: 1. Topics on self, such as families, personal information, physical features, etc 2. Simple description of own home With 150 vocabulary and 53 grammar points
  • Section1: Hello, everybody!
  • Section2: How are you?
  • Section3: It's been busy recently
  • Section4: What are you up to ?
  • Section5: Hi, I am David
  • Section6: New comer
  • Section7: Hi,Liu Mo!
  • Section8: A Beautiful Woman
  • Section9: Who is the new boss?
  • Section10: Where do you live?
  • Section11: A Tour of David
  • Section12: My awesome home
  • Section13: Renting a Home
  • Section14: Zhang Yang's Bad Memory
  • Section15: Getting lost
  • Section16: Choosing a meeting
  • Section17: Excellent suggestion
  • Section18: My suggestion
  • Section19: A special family member
  • Section20: My uncle is an engineer
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