Diet and attitude

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Through this video package learners will know Chinese expressions about emotions, attitude and daily diet. 1. Simple expressions on emotions and attitude, such as likes dislikes, agreement disagreement 2. Simple communications such as apology, comfort, congratulation, etc 3. Expressions on booking dinner, ordering dish, food habits, etc With 300 vocabulary and 44 grammar points
  • Section1: Interested in Kungfu Novels
  • Section2: Annoying behavior
  • Section3: Getting along with your girlfriend
  • Section4: I agree with you
  • Section5: Persuade me? No way
  • Section6: Here's your bus card
  • Section7: Happier than Zhang Yang!
  • Section8: Pay attention!
  • Section9: Do not worry!
  • Section10: You can do it!
  • Section11: Housewarming
  • Section12: I would rather watch TV
  • Section13: What utensils do you use?
  • Section14: Ordering Meals Online
  • Section15: I want to eat boiled fish
  • Section16: Have a cup of tea
  • Section17: Rice or noodles?
  • Section18: I prefer kung pao chicken
  • Section19: Different TastesⅠ
  • Section20: Different Tastes Ⅱ
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