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Through this video package learners will know Chinese expressions about shopping, bank-related affairs, as well as simple mutual interaction 1.Expressions on product description, online shopping, express delivery and other shopping-related affairs 2. Simple communications such as apology, comfort, congratulation, etc 3. Expressions on booking dinner, ordering dish, food habits, etc With 450 vocabulary and 30 grammar points
  • Section1: I have a lot of money
  • Section2: You are the best
  • Section3: The shirt is very elegant
  • Section4: Color Fading
  • Section5: This one is too big
  • Section6: That shirt looks better than the other
  • Section7: A 10 Percent discount is also a discount
  • Section8: Forms of payment
  • Section9: Online shopping is really convenient
  • Section10: Cash on delivery
  • Section11: Shopping around
  • Section12: Applying for a debit card
  • Section13: Applying for a credit card
  • Section14: I want to exchange some RMB
  • Section15: Deposit
  • Section16: I gotta go
  • Section17: What're your plans on Saturday?
  • Section18: Remind him
  • Section19: I am right here
  • Section20: Can I use your door key?
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