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Through this video package learners will know the basic Chinese expressions on travel-related affairs 1. Expressions on asking for and giving directions, seeing sb off, etc 2. Expressions on transport, such as taking taxi 3. Expressions on booking rooms, check-in and check-out, complaints and other hotel-related topics With 600 vocabulary and 31 grammar points
  • Section1: Is HR far away from here?
  • Section2: Directions to south Luogu Lane?
  • Section3: I walk to work
  • Section4: By bus or by subway?
  • Section5: Online taxi-hailing service
  • Section6: Where do you plan to vacation?
  • Section7: The Subway is faster
  • Section8: Booking two airline tickets
  • Section9: Buddy, I've missed you so much
  • Section10: Can't let you go
  • Section11: Checking Luggage
  • Section12: Taking a hard-seat train to Tibet
  • Section13: Booking a hotel room
  • Section14: Checking in
  • Section15: Checking out
  • Section16: May I see your passport
  • Section17: Wake me up
  • Section18: Your breakfast
  • Section19: Change the battery
  • Section20: Holiday Plans
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