Nature and health

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Through this video package learners will know the expressions on nature and environmental protection as well as the expressions of personal health and image 1. expressions on natural, seasonal, weather, disaster, environmental protection and other related topics 2. expressions on common animal and plant names and other related topics 3. expressions on seeing the doctor, visiting the patient, and other health-related topics 4. expressions on personal image With 600 vocabulary and 42 grammar points
  • Section1: My Spring
  • Section2: Characteristics of the four seasons
  • Section3: Today is the best day
  • Section4: It's getting warmer
  • Section5: It will get better and better
  • Section6: Refuse sorting
  • Section7: My Eco-Friendly Bag
  • Section8: Those flowers
  • Section9: Cannot keep cactus' alive
  • Section10: I like Devil's Ivy better
  • Section11: I Wanna see pandas
  • Section12: Furry, chubby
  • Section13: Aches all over my body
  • Section14: Thank You, doctor
  • Section15: Toothache
  • Section16: How are you feeling?
  • Section17: Becareful of sub-par health
  • Section18: Poor eyesight
  • Section19: Reasons for absence
  • Section20: Cut it shorter
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