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Through this video package learners will be able to communicate on topics related to their work and study 1. expressions on learning time, level of learning, learning strategies, selection of courses and language study 2. expressions on time and date 3. expressions on Interview, taking up post, working overtime, starting a business, etc With 600 vocabulary and 36 grammar points
  • Section1: Weekend Plans
  • Section2: A Day in my Life
  • Section3: Is David late?
  • Section4: Her age is not a secret
  • Section5: You speak Chinese very well
  • Section6: Persist in practicing
  • Section7: I have made much progress
  • Section8: HSK exam revision
  • Section9: Course selection
  • Section10: I work for an internet company
  • Section11: Hi,my new colleague
  • Section12: Job interview
  • Section13: Working overtime
  • Section14: Lost Eyesight
  • Section15: No making jokes!
  • Section16: My perfect girlfriend
  • Section17: What are they like?
  • Section18: Does he like yoga?
  • Section19: Cinemas encounter
  • Section20: I was able to tango
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