Speak Chinese in a prompt way-level 1

Teacher speaks :English,中文

Class Period :25 Minutes

$ 297.00   30  Lessons
Course Description
1)Basic word order.
2)Sentence structures that are frequently used including declarative sentence, interrogative sentence, imperative sentence and negative sentence with "no" being its indicators. 
3)Noun, numeral and classifier that are commonly used.
4)Personal pronoun&demonstrative pronoun.
5)Common expression used to describe figures and objects.
6)Verbs, adjectives as well as degree adverbs that are frequently used.
Applicant:  Learners with no knowledge of Chinese language but interesting it and its culture, expecting knowing a little Chinese language.
Teaching Objective:  Acquire rudimentary knowledge about Chinese language pronunciation, greetings, self-introduction, time expression and so on. Participate and learn!
How to Participate:  ChineseBon Classroom (recommended)
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Nationality: China
Language Proficiency:English,Français
Years of Teaching :2
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This is a passionate teacher whose field of study is Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. She is a twenty-three years old girl named Snow. She loves travelling, drinking tea and doing exercise. Are you ready to know China and learn Chinese with her?
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