Get a command of Chinese language that is used for survival-level 4

Teacher speaks :English,中文

Class Period :25 Minutes

$ 297.00   30  Lessons
Course Description
1)Learn sentence constituents like attribute, adverbial, complement, etc.
2)Study complicated predicative sentences that are frequently used.
3)Know commonly used nouns, pronouns, numerals as well as qualifiers.
4)Learn commonly used verbs, adjectives and degree adverbs.
5)Acquire basic knowledge about tense and aspect.
6)Special sentence patterns that are frequently used.
Applicant:  Teaching objects: learners with mastering about 150 words, expecting to improve for simple conversation in daily life.
Teaching Objective:  Learn basic Chinese language grammatical rules systematically.
How to Participate:  ChineseBon Classroom (recommended)
Teacher's Information
Nationality: China
Language Proficiency:English,Français
Years of Teaching :2
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This is a passionate teacher whose field of study is Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. She is a twenty-three years old girl named Snow. She loves travelling, drinking tea and doing exercise. Are you ready to know China and learn Chinese with her?
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