Have the Chinese Comprehensive Communication Ability Level 1-2

Teacher speaks :English,中文

Class Period :25 Minutes

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$ 495.00   50  Lessons
Course Description
1)Get a good command of sentence structures and sentence patterns.
2)Select the appropriate styles.
3)Use common figure of speech.
4)Get a good command of textual organization.
Applicant:  Learners with expressing their attitude, opinions and emotions accurately,expecting to strengthen their cross-cultural communication abilities, to enhance language skills in different occasions and to obtain the language competence as native speaker.
Teaching Objective:  Understand mandarin with accents; have in-depth conversation; write working-related documents like business documents.
How to Participate:  ChineseBon Classroom (recommended)
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Teacher Speaks: English,中文
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Teacher Speaks: English,中文
$ 445.00    45  Lessons
Teacher Speaks: English,中文
$ 445.00    45  Lessons
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