Speak Chinese Fluently and Express Your Point More Accurately

Teacher speaks :English,中文

Class Period :25 Minutes

$ 2376.00   240  Lessons
Course Description
1)Review different kinds of complements.
2)Learn complicated sentence patterns in intermediary level.
3)Grasp the meaning and usage of notional words and functional words in intermediary level. 
4)Learn complex sentences in intermediary level.
5)Grasp common fixed expressions and hot words on the internet.
6)Learn words with complex meanings in different registers.
7)Learn complex sentences with complicated logical relations. 
8)Understand the cultural connotations of idioms and allusions. 
9)Grasp the fixed patterns in Chinese language including idioms and locution.
10)Learn and use relatively advanced phrases.
11)Learn several special interrogative sentences.
12)Learn different kinds of complicated sentences with two or more clauses.
Applicant:  Learners with knowing most basic grammatical rules and mastering about 600 words, hoping to smoothly communicate and state their own opinions with Chinese and to complete daily communication.
Teaching Objective:  You will properly handle the work, study and part of the professional content.The text you’ve learned were based on a large amount of authentic language materials from various media in China ,vivid and interesting, let you know a real china. At this stage, you can speak Chinese fluently, watch radio and movies even read magazines.
How to Participate:  ChineseBon Classroom (recommended)
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Nationality: China
Language Proficiency:中文
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