Teacher Kelly
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Nationality: China
Years of Teaching :8
Teaching Experience
  • 2007-03-01 - 2015-11-18
    I’m Kelly. I graduated from the University of Manchester in the UK and got my master degree from England. My major in the University of Manchester is Finance and Business Economics. After that, I found a job to be a teacher in a University in Shandong Province, and I mainly engaged in bilingual education more than five years. By this way, the students can not only learn specific knowledge & skills, at the same time, they can improve their English ability. Last year I was admitted by Beijing Jiaotong University, so I come to Beijing to further my education for my Phd degree. I have 8 years teaching experiences in Chinese-teaching and helped many foreign students improve their Chinese language abilities.
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Teacher courses
Teacher Speaks: 中文,English
$ 69.00    3 Lessons
Teacher Speaks: 中文,English
$ 92.00    4 Lessons
Teacher Speaks: 中文,English
$ 115.00    5 Lessons