About Us

Beijing Sinolingua Times Co., Ltd (“Beijing Sinolingua Time”) is dedicated to online education and digital media services. Beijing Sinolingua Time is, jointly established by Sinolingua Co., Ltd., a publisher under China International Publishing Group and Beijing CIC Video Cultural Media Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the China Internet News Center.

Chinesebon, "中文帮 zhongwenbang" in Chinese, is aspiring to become the number one service platform for learning Chinese online and to offer the best interactive Chinese education available on mobile devices worldwide.

As a service platform, Chinesebon is equipped with advanced technology, well-developed products, professional operating teams, and abundant domestic and overseas partners. Chinesebon brings Chinese language instructors, courses, educational institutions, digital publications, and apps to global learners of the Chinese language via the internet, thus establishing an international "industry chain" for Chinese language education. Global resources and information on Chinese education can therefore be exchanged and shared online more effectively among global learners of the Chinese language via Chinesebon.