Chinesebon Classroom

Chinesebon classroom is a special online education tool provided by us for Chinese teaching. Through Chinesebon classroom, students and teachers can realize face-to-face communication by connecting the video on a web page. The teachers can use the teaching whiteboard, upload PPT and other formats of teaching courseware; the students can watch the teacher's courseware in real time, just as in real classroom, realize face-to-face communication and browse teacher's blackboard-writing. Besides, the classroom scene can be restored maximally, and learning efficiency can be improved obviously. It should be noted that Chrome (Google Chrome) needs to be used in Chinesebon classroom.
Browser download
How to use Chinesebon Classroom
Once the teacher and the student get connected, each of you can see both of each other. The teacher can upload courseware through the widgets below the whiteboard and also write on the board.