Chinesebon Classroom

Plugin Introduction

Chinesebon Classroom is an online educational tool we provide specifically for online Chinese teaching. By installing a plugin, students and teachers can get connected and communicate face to face via a video chat. Teachers can upload courseware of different format such as ppt onto the whiteboard and students can watch the real-time synchronization of the courseware. Face-to-face communication and real-time synchronized courseware make it just like in a real classroom. By maximizing the reduction of school scenes, learning efficiency is significantly improved.
Note that, before you entered the classroom, make sure Chinesebon Classroom Plugin installed on your PC and in normal running. For your better experience, we recommend you use Chrome or Firefox browser.
Click to download Chinesebon Classroom Plugin>>

Plugin Installation
Download the plugin by clicking the download link above, or you can also find download link by clicking the blue mark in How to Participate in every course details page. Besides, if your plugin has not been installed or running rightly, when you try to enter your classroom at your scheduled time, a prompt will show up and lead you to download and install the plugin.
Double click the installer you have downloaded and start installation.
Installation in Windows:
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
How to Use Chinesebon Classroom
After successful installation, the plugin will run automatically (in Mac you need to manually start it every time). Refresh the classroom web page and you will get connected. Now start to enjoy your Chinesebon Classroom!
Again, for your better experience, we recommend you use Chrome or Firefox browser.
Once the teacher and the student get connected, each of you can see both of each other. The teacher can upload courseware through the widgets below the whiteboard and also write on the board.