1. Make a Payment

1) What methods of payment are accepted by Chinesebon?
a. Alipay
b. Balance in the user’s Chinesebon account
2) When are students expected to make a payment after submitting an order?
Within 24 hours. If a student fails to make a payment within 24 hours after submitting an order online, Chinesebon will automatically cancel the order. If an instructor fails to confirm students’ order within 24 hours upon receiving the order, then Chinesebon will automatically cancel the order.
3) What fee will be charged when making a payment online?
No fee will be incurred if Alipay is used.
4) Having difficulty in making a payment?
Please send your problem toservice@huayutime.comfor help.

2. Refund

1) Under what circumstances can students request for a refund?
Students may cancel the courses they paid for but not yet confirmed by the instructor, and request for a refund.
2) Under what circumstances students will not be refunded?
If a course purchased is “under review,” the account will be frozen. In this case, No refund can be requested for the moment.
3) Which account will the refund go back to?
All refunds will be returned back to the users’ Chinesebon account.
4) How long does it take to get the refund?
Refund will normally be returned back to users’ Chinesebon accounts within one business day after the instructor consents to the student’s request for a refund.

3. Request for payment transfer
1) How can users transfer the balance in their Chinesebon accounts out?
a. Through Alipay, users’ balances can be transferred out to bank accounts.
b. Users will not be charged any fee if Alipay is used.
2) What’s the process of payment transfer?
Go to “User Center” → “My Wallet” →”Request for Payment Transfer” and type in the amount to be transferred.
3) Minimum amount on payment transfer?
No less than RMB 100 for each request of transfer.
4) Which account will the balance in users’ Chinesebon account be transferred to?
User’s designated Alipay account .
5) Transfer time
It takes ten business days upon request for the user’s balance in Chinesebon to be transferred to the Alipay account.