Why would I learn Chinese in Chinesebon?

As the first sociable online Chinese learning application platform all over the world, Chinesebon provides comprehensive Chinese-teaching service on the Internet. To establish a significant milestone in world Chinese teaching, Chinesebon utilizes mobile video technology that produces socially oriented product. This platform also integrates resources from qualified individual Chinese teachers, professional training agencies as well as bountiful digital publications.

Chinesebon establishes multi-language classes. By now, three different methods of learning are available in Chinesebon: you can learn 1-on-1 from your teacher at your own pace, learn from video courses by yourself, or follow our regularly scheduled live lecture classes. The quality of the courses is guaranteed by hundreds of top native Chinese teachers well selected by us, systematic curriculum as well as large number of extraordinary classes.

Based on B2C online teaching tool----Chinesebon Classroom, which is born for qualified online teaching, the teaching process could actually be taken to anywhere by both teacher and student.

There is a vouched international payment system in Chinesebon, so that one can pay for the classes online around the world and finish learning. The payment of your tuition is guaranteed by the system and professional workers are available all the time if you have any questions.