How can I choose suitable classes in Chinesebon?

Three different kinds of courses are available in Chinesebon: you can learn 1-on-1 from your teacher at your own pace, learn from video courses by yourself, or follow our regularly scheduled live lecture classes.

1-on-1 courses have been divided into a number of categories, for example, test preparation course targeted at HSK, job hunting training, and Chinese in daily communication, to name but a few. Learners are able to choose according to their purposes.

Self-learning video courses are elaborated by us, these enriched records endow students with chances of learning over and over again.

Regular live group class covers a wide range of subjects that provides your more choices and low price.

If this is your first time here in Chinesebon, you are able to experience trial classes for free. Chinesebon have professional learning consoler that could give you advice in selecting courses. After your first lesson, you are free to the suitable one among our resourceful system that lead you to a more realistic and effective learning process.