Advantages for Instructors to Join Chinesebon

Larger number of students

With a worldwide student recruitment strategy, a higher return to instructors can be expected.

Promoting public awareness and reputation through Chinesebon

Each instructor can build their presence with a personalized online profile dedicated to them and boost their reputation with students’ evaluation.

Offering an accessible online platform for tutorial videos

With high speed Internet across many nations and a user-friendly video recording and playing system integrated with it, instructors can tutor students at their leisure.

Zero upfront fees, zero risks

Instructors will not be charged any fees when they are recruiting students or cashing out their remuneration online. Thus, there is no risk at all for instructors to use Chinesebon.

Four Steps for Instructors to get on Chinesebon

Register for an account

Fill out username, email address, and password to complete the online registration.

Complete personal profile

Fill out such basic information required as nickname, nationality, cell phone number, and spoken languages, and etc.

Instructor certification

Provide legal full name, ID number, bank card number, and upload a readable ID photo to complete online certification.

Start a course

At least start one course that the instructor is good at.

Once an instructor completes the four steps above, he or she has to wait for Chinesebon’s approval before starting to teach a course online.

Services guide

Student access&Online live chat

If a student is interested in a particular course on Chinesebon, he or she can have a live chat with the course’s instructor to learn more about that course.

Buy a course

If the student is satisfied with the instructor and the course after chatting online, then he or she can buy the course on Chinesebon.

Course confirmation

The instructor will be notified immediately after a student buys a course and the instructor may accept the student’s enrollment into the course.

Schedule and deliver a course

The instructor should contact the enrolled student through Chinesebon immediately after accepting the student to schedule the course and prepare for it. The instructor shall complete the course within the time frame agreed upon.

Receive payments

Students should confirm online once they complete a course. Then the system will automatically transfer the students’ payments to the instructor’s account on Chinesebon. If a student fails to confirm his or her completion of a course, the instructor may expect to receive the student’s payment within 24 hours after scheduled completion .

Transfer Payments

Instructors may choose to transfer the course payments from Chinesebon account to his or her Alipay account. If all steps are followed properly, the Alipay account will receive the payment from Chinesebon within ten business days upon transfer.