Why would I teach Chinese in Chinesebon?

As the first sociable online Chinese learning application platform all over the world, Chinesebon provides comprehensive Chinese-teaching service on the Internet. To establish a significant milestone in world Chinese teaching, Chinesebon utilizes mobile video technology that produces socially oriented product. This platform also integrates resources from qualified individual Chinese teachers, professional training agencies as well as bountiful digital publications.

Chinesebon boasts more students, because we face the entire world and cover more learners, you can make friends with students all around the world while teaching in this sociable platform.

Chinesebon masters more resources, since we have natural advantages as integrating publications as well as online resources in Chinese teaching and are able to provide teachers with resourceful assistance in their teaching.

In Chinesebon, you are free to arrange your courses in advance and your students would keep in accord with your time table.