Chinesebon User Service Agreement

1. Services of Chinesebon
2. Steps and Rules for Using Chinesebon
3. Rights and Obligations of User and Chinesebon
4. Reminder of User Obligations
5. Cautions for Minors
6. Intellectual Property Rights
7. Disclaimer
8. Termination of Service
9. Privacy Statement
10. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution
11. Modification and Severability
12. Notification
13. Effectiveness
Welcome to Chinesebon

Welcome to Chinesebon! and the Chinesebon App are developed and operated by Beijing Sinolingua Times Co., Ltd. which is dedicated to creating the world's first interactive online learning platform for Chinese language learning. Chinesebon offers a variety of valuable services and learning tools for instructors and students that helps match students with their desired instructors in an effective, efficient, and precise way. Chinesebon creates a professional, user friendly, smart, secure, and quality learning platform and an online community for instructors and students to communicate.

Please read this Agreement carefully before visiting and using Chinesebon. Click on the "I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of Chinesebon" button to complete your registration, which constitutes your consent to and acceptance of this Agreement and all the terms.

1.Services of Chinesebon

Users should be aware that Chinesebon is designed to allow instructors and students to post and search information online. Students and instructors may reach individual agreements on teaching so that they fulfill their obligations and are entitled to their rights. In the event that any user suffers any loss of property or personal injury during the course of teaching and learning, the user may seek indemnification from the party causing such loss or injury. Chinesebon is exempt from any liability for any dispute arising from the performance of individual agreements between instructors and students. However, Chinesebon has a well-developed service framework, which helps resolve disputes between instructors and students.

2. Steps and Rules for Using Chinesebon

2.1. Registration and Account
In order to use services offered by Chinesebon, users have to register for a Chinesebon account. By filling out the username and password sections, accepting this Service Agreement and activating the account via email, users can complete the registration. The username is the same email address used by the user to activate the account. Users may link their Chinesebon account with their Alipay account so they can add funds to their Chinesebon account. Users should keep their Chinesebon account private and limit any other party from using their PCs or mobile devices; users are held accountable for all activities they carry out with their account.

2.2 Information Posting
Chinesebon will post information provided by instructors online, including but not limited to their personal information, work experience, and course videos. Chinesebon prudently fulfills its duty of care by requiring all instructors to provide their identity and qualification documents before teaching online. However, Chinesebon is unable to guarantee that the information it posted is accurate, complete, and true. By posting or submitting information to Chinesebon, users agree to authorize Chinesebon to be entitled to a non-exclusive, free, permanent, irrevocable, and absolute right to use their information; that is, users permit Chinesebon, for the lawful purpose of promoting its services, to use, repost, revise, rewrite, publish, and translate their information, as well as develop derivative work from, distribute, and/or disclose their information.

2.3 Placing an Order for Course Enrollment
Placing an order for course enrollment means that students are admitted to courses by instructors based on their own needs. Students need to search for courses and instructors that interest them and become enrolled after:
1) They pay for the courses they selected on Chinesebon; and
2) Instructors accept the order they placed for taking the courses.
Please go to the Chinesebon website for details regarding change, cancellation, and refund of orders.

2.4. Course Delivery, Confirmation, Payment, and Evaluation
2.4.1 Users (individuals only) may negotiate the way a course is delivered, online or offline. In the event that instructors and students reach an agreement to deliver lessons offline or through third-party video tools, Chinesebon will not assume any liability for any dispute or loss arising from the course delivery or payment. After a course is finished, students are required to confirm the completion online or through the Chinesebon App. After the confirmation, instructors will be able to see the amount of tuition paid for the course in their Chinesebon account.
2.4.2 After a course is complete, students can evaluate their instructors online or on the Chinesebon App. Students can provide their suggestions and comments to their instructors or to Chinesebon. Such comments must not violate the laws or regulations of China, nor contain any information that is illegal (this includes information about cults and their promotional materials), pornographic, threatening, insulting, offensive, or infringes on any third party's privacy or intellectual property rights or similar rights. Chinesebon will take proper action upon the receipt of any complaint or claim of infringement, such as removing the relevant information or disabling links. In the event that a user causes Chinesebon to suffer from a loss due to the user's misconduct, the user will assume all liabilities for its act.

3. Rights and Obligations of Users and Chinesebon

3.1 Chinesebon has the right to supervise, examine, and correct services and send out reminders.
3.2 Chinesebon has the right to retain all information disclosed by users during their registration and usage. When promoting its services online or offline, Chinesebon is entitled to use users' information within control.
3.3 Chinesebon has the right to remove or block any illegal or infringing content that is uploaded by users to Chinesebon.
3.4 Chinesebon will prudently use all information relating to is users; unless required by law or permitted by users, it will not disclose users' information to any third party.
3.5 Chinesebon has enabled convenient ways for whistle blowers and infringement claimants to raise their complaints and will take appropriate actions to remedy the situation.
3.6 Users must use services offered by Chinesebon for legal purposes.
3.7 Users will assume all liabilities arising from untrue or illegal information they posted online. If any user delivers false, illegal, or deceptive information or speech, including cult, pornographic, threatening, insulting, and offensive information, the user will assume all liabilities for such information dissemination. If the information uploaded by a user infringes on any third party's rights, the user must be held liable for such information.
3.8 Users who are enrolled in courses based on the information shown on Chinesebon should fulfill the required obligations, either online or offline, and be fully responsible for their act.
3.9 Users are allowed to use the services and information offered by Chinesebon. Absent Chinesebon or any third party's written permission, users must not duplicate, copy, or distribute any material derived from Chinesebon, including but not limited to video and audio files, software, and study materials. Users will be held liable for any act that infringes on others' intellectual property rights or violates laws.

4. Reminder of User Obligations

The information uploaded by users to the Chinesebon platform must NOT contain any information that:
4.1 is against the principles of the Constitution of China;
4.2 jeopardizes national sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity;
4.3 divulges national secrets or jeopardizes national security, national honor, or national interest;
4.4 incites hatred or discrimination among ethnic groups, or destroys national unity or tradition;
4.5 circulates cult or superstitious information;
4.6 disturbs social order or destroys social stability;
4.7 induces delinquency or disseminates information on cults, violence, pornography, gambling, or terrorism;
4.8 insults or slanders others, invades others' privacy or others' legitimate rights or interests;
4.9 harms social morality, ethnic culture and tradition; or
4.10 violates any other provision contained in laws and administrative regulations.

5. Cautions for Minors

If a user is not an individual entitled to have all civil rights and fully capable to engage in civil conduct, the user should obtain its guardian's permission or have its guardian directly use Chinesebon's services, subsequently complete the course, either online or offline, and make the course payments accompanied by its guardian or with the guardian's permission.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1 Software Usage
Once users download and install the Chinesebon App, they will have access to Chinesebon's services. Chinesebon grants its users a free, nontransferable and non-exclusive global license, allowing users to use software contained in the service. However, users must not copy, edit, publish, sell, or rent all or part of Chinesebon software, nor reverse engineer or try to extract the source code from the software.

6.2 Copyright
All contents provided by Chinesebon including documents, images, video and audio files, data files, and software are properties of Chinesebon or its providers, and are protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All software provided by Chinesebon or its providers for users' use is protected by Chinese and international Copyright laws. Without Chinesebon's written consent, no one is allowed to copy, demonstrate, edit, forward, distribute, re-publish, download, repost, or transfer, in any form or in any manner, the contents of Chinesebon's website.

6.3 Trademark
All icons, marks, logos, page headers, buttons, and words shown on Chinesebon's website or contained in the services offered by Chinesebon are Chinesebon's exclusive and lawful properties. Without Chinesebon's written consent, users must not use them in any form, or copy, edit, post, or bundle them with other products, nor use them on any type of product or service in a manner that may confuse consumers or defame Chinesebon. Without Chinesebon's written consent, none of the content on its website can be interpreted as a tacit consent or any form of authorization or permission to use the marks or logos shown on its website.

7. Disclaimer

Chinesebon shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss suffered by its users arising from any situation where:
7.1 information on Chinesebon is inaccurate, invalid, delayed, or incomplete;
7.2 Chinesebon's service is interrupted by force majeure or anything beyond Chinesebon's control;
7.3 a user is attacked by hackers or infected with computer viruses, malware, or spyware, or suffers system malfunctions or breakdowns while using Chinesebon, including links to or from third party websites;
7.4 a user incurs a loss due to its disclosure of its username and password to others or sharing its Chinesebon account with others (the user shall bear such loss or risk arising from such disclosure);
7.5 a user breaches its agreement with other users or any third party or infringes on others' rights (the user shall be held liable for it); or
7.6 Chinesebon has to suspend its service for system upgrading or maintenance. (Chinesebon will try to post a notice on its website in advance. If such service suspension incurs any loss or potential loss to its users, Chinesebon will not bear any legal liability for it.)

8. Termination of Service

Chinesebon has the right to terminate its service offered to a user if the user:
8.1 uses Chinesebon for illegal purposes;
8.2 enrolls in or takes any course for fraudulent or illegal purposes;
8.3 makes repetitive complaints or has a bad track record of using Chinesebon;
8.4 infringes on Chinesebon's rights or interests in any manner; or
8.5 promotes a cult or disseminates pornographic, threatening or insulting information, or information that infringes on others' intellectual property rights or privacy.

9. Privacy Statement

Chinesebon adheres to this Privacy Statement when collecting, using, and disclosing users' information. Unless otherwise indicated in this Privacy Statement, Chinesebon will not disclose users' information to any third party or the public without users' explicit consent.

9.1 Users' information includes users' account information, information uploaded by users to Chinesebon, and information that Chinesebon automatically receives and collects on purpose and lawfully during users' usage.

9.2 Collection, Usage, and Disclosure of Users' Information
For the purpose of offering better services to its users, Chinesebon reserves the right to collect users' cookies. Chinesebon will not disclose any information to any third party where a user's identity may be recognized. Only under the following circumstances will Chinesebon legitimately disclose users' information:
9.2.1 User has given Chinesebon explicit consent to disclose its information to third parties;
9.2.2 The disclosure of users' information to any third party, administrative authorities or judicial authorities is required by laws or regulations, or mandated by judicial authorities; and
9.2.3 Disclosure of users' information required by other policies or procedures.

9.3 Protection of Users' Information
9.3.1 Users' accounts are secure, but users still need to keep their username and password private. Chinesebon backs up users' data through its server in order to ensure users' passwords are encrypted and are not abused or altered. Despite the above-mentioned safety measures that Chinesebon has enabled, users should be aware that there is always a risk despite the safety measures that are in place.
9.3.2 Unless permitted by the user himself, any other user or third party will not be allowed to collect, sell, or disseminate the user's information provided on Chinesebon.
9.3.3 Chinesebon entails links that connect to other websites. Chinesebon is not responsible for other websites’ privacy protection. When logging into other websites that Chinesebon leads to, users are expected to be cautious of their privacy.

10. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

10.1 This Agreement shall be performed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of People's Republic of China.
10.2 Any dispute arising between Chinesebon and its users shall be first resolved through friendly negotiations. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement through negotiations, any party may submit the dispute to the court in Haidian District, Beijing, for litigation.

11. Modification and Severability

Chinesebon reserves the right to revise this Agreement at any time for the purpose of better serving its users and abiding by relevant regulations. Users are expected to review this Agreement from time to time, and Chinesebon will post notices on its website regarding the changes made to some terms hereunder.

12. Notification

Chinesebon normally contacts its users by posting a notice on its website or in other ways. Users agree to be notified through online notice regarding the receipt of agreements, notices, disclosure, and other information.

13. Effectiveness

13.1 This Agreement takes effect on the day the user registers an account on Chinesebon.
13.2 Chinesebon has the right to interpret this Agreement to the extent permitted by law.


1. The laws referred to hereunder are laws, administrative rules, judicial interpretations, regional regulations and rules, department rules, and other regulatory documents currently in effect in the People's Republic of China, as well as revisions and supplements made to such laws and regulations from time to time.
2. This Agreement is written in English and Chinese; if there is any discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version prevails.