We offer Chinese tutorial for multinational companies, international schools and Chinese schools overseas.
For companies, we offer Chinese learning solutions specific to your trade and private to your employees.
For international schools, we offer online Chinese lessons with rich interactivity as well as resources for Chinese teaching.
For Chinese schools overseas, we offer a total Chinese teaching solution of teachers, textbooks, online teaching system, etc.
Our Teachers
Our Chinese teacher team is made up of certified teachers with master degree or above. Teaching quality is guaranteed by strict & professional pre-service training and monthly assessment during a program. Choose one of our experienced teacher to meet your need and help with your Chinese dream.
Our Services
7x24 online consultants will answer your questions promptly. A private learning consultant will record performance in each class. Your learning plan will be adjusted based on periodic assessments and regular reports.
Our Advantages
You can choose either 1-on-1 custom course or small sized course of 2-4 learners. You can choose to learn via computer, phone or pad, flexible for your convenience. You can also learn face-to-face with our Chinese teachers going to your side.
Customize services for your business
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