Intermediate Course

2018-08-28 18:30:00

Course Description

1)Basic words and phrases usually used to describe your attitude towards some social phenomena,Business, Education, Military or Technology issues.
2) Conjunctive words to express adversative relation or to express progressive relation.
3)Verbs, adjectives , prepositions as well as degree adverbs that are frequently used.
4) Fixed phrase s and some special sentence patterns that are frequently used.

  • Nationality: China
  • Teacher speaks :English,中文
  • Years of Teaching:  0

Teaching Experience

  • 2009-02-02 - 2017-02-28
    I have been a professional Chinese teacher for about 8 years in Beijing. As a Chinese teacher, not only to teach Chinese language but also to be a messenger to spreading Chinese and Chinese culture. I love my job and I enjoy doing it. I have worked in Beijing till last year. Now I had a baby, and have to stay at home. My baby is 7-month-years old, and I have a lot of free time now, sometimes I do some Chinese class online.