our curriculum system
Elementary 1
Elementary 2
Elementary 3
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Intermediate 3
Advance level 1
Advance level 2
To grasp some simple communication expressions ; to learn common subjects that are closely linked with personal life.
To learn fundamental Chinese language grammatical rules; to satisfy the most common needs of daily communication; to learn some basic cultural factors.
To solve daily life problems in Chinese language ; to learn to express clearly.
Express Feelings, attitudes and opinions appropriately. Be able to successfully communicate in the fields of learning, working and social contacting.
Select language materials to meet needs of different conversations. Be able to communicate efficiently in the cases like work,social relations,and partial specialized fields.
To read various information in Chinese and have the related cultural background;to have in-depth conversation and write work-related documents like commercial letters.
Have a further understanding of hot issues in China and beyond.Be able to apply learned presentation skills in a comprehensive way.
To be able to command Chinese at various occasion, express oneself on different kinds of topics fluently; acquire good intercultural communication skills.
90 periods
90 periods
90 periods
80 periods
80 periods
80 periods
100 periods
Customized courses
Intermediate1 - level7
Able to use Chinese language to settle daily life problems, can express one’s ideas in a clear way.
$9.9 / Lesson
Intermediate1 - level8
Able to resolve problems such as travel or seeing doctors independently, able to make description or introduce something completely.
$9.9 / Lesson
Intermediate2 - level9
Able to express one’s ideas in an accurate manner, able to make deep communication.
$9.9 / Lesson
Intermediate2 - level10
To consolidate grammar knowledge and make trainees to be able to make communications on the topics which are more complicated such as social life and history etc.
$9.9 / Lesson
Intermediate3 - level11
To grasp the usage of notional words and function words which are more complicated, able to understand the introduction articles, explanation articles and description articles and can express the ideas contained in these articles.
$9.9 / Lesson
Intermediate3 - level12
Able to propose suggestions and express the reasons for the suggestions with fluency and consistency, able to search information and data with utilization of various resources.
$9.9 / Lesson
General course
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